Collection: Coupes

These coupes are an elegant and classic way to enjoy champagne or a chilled cocktail!

The distinctive design of cocktail coupes serves a dual purpose. The broad rim allows for captivating garnishes, be it a citrus twist or a maraschino cherry, enhancing both the visual appeal and the aromatic experience of your libation. Meanwhile, the stem ensures your cocktail remains chilled, untouched by the warmth of your hand, preserving its exquisite flavors.

Originally crafted for champagne, these versatile coupes have found their way into the world of mixology, embracing a wide range of cocktails with equal grace. From the timeless Martini to the effervescent Champagne cocktail, each drink finds a home in this iconic vessel.

So, whether you're celebrating a special occasion, crafting classic cocktails, or simply relishing a moment of luxury, the cocktail coupe stands ready to add a dash of elegance to your libation experience. Cheers to the timeless charm and enduring allure of the cocktail coupe!