Collection: Citrus Reamers

A citrus reamer is a simple yet effective kitchen tool designed specifically for extracting juice from citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. It is particularly useful for manually squeezing out the juice while leaving behind the pulp, seeds, and larger pieces of fruit. Citrus reamers come in various designs, but they all share the basic function of efficiently extracting the flavorful and tangy liquid from citrus fruits.

Citrus reamers come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various sizes of citrus fruits. Some reamers are designed specifically for small fruits like limes, while others can handle larger fruits like oranges and grapefruits.

Citrus reamers are a popular and practical addition to any kitchen, especially for those who enjoy fresh citrus juices for cooking, baking, or making beverages. They offer a manual and hands-on way to extract juice without the need for electric appliances. Whether you're making a zesty marinade, a refreshing cocktail, or simply adding a splash of citrus to your recipes, a citrus reamer can be a handy tool to have at your disposal.