Collection: Snifters

A brandy snifter is a type of glassware specifically designed for enjoying brandy or cognac. It has a distinctive shape that is well-suited to the characteristics of these spirits. The typical design of a brandy snifter includes a wide bowl and a short stem. Here are some key features and reasons behind the design:

  1. Wide Bowl: The wide bowl of a brandy snifter allows for the spirit to be swirled easily without spilling. This swirling action helps to release the aromas of the brandy, enhancing the overall tasting experience.

  2. Short Stem: The short stem is designed to allow the drinker to hold the glass comfortably without warming the brandy with the heat from their hand. This is important because brandy is often best enjoyed at slightly warmer temperatures than other spirits, as the heat helps to release its complex flavors and aromas.

  3. Tulip Shape: Many brandy snifters have a tulip shape, where the bowl narrows at the top. This design concentrates the aromas of the brandy towards the top of the glass, making it easier for the drinker to appreciate the subtle and complex scents.

  4. Flat Base: The flat base provides stability for the glass, reducing the risk of spills. This is especially important when the drinker is swirling the brandy in the glass.

  5. Large Surface Area: The wide surface area of the bowl allows the brandy to come into contact with more air, promoting aeration. This can help to open up the flavors and aromas of the spirit.

When enjoying brandy in a snifter, it's common to hold the glass by the stem or the bottom to avoid warming the brandy. The swirling motion helps to release the aromas, and the drinker can then take small sips to fully appreciate the complex taste.

It's worth noting that while brandy snifters are designed specifically for brandy and cognac, some people may use them for other aged spirits or even certain types of wine. However, the design is optimized for the characteristics of brandy, and other types of glasses may be better suited for different beverages.