Collection: Tea Time

Tea can be a very important cocktail ingredient - using regular tea in a cocktail, or making a tea simple syrup. But, we also love all that comes with tea time gear including:

Teapots: Essential for brewing and serving tea. Choose a teapot that suits your style and the amount of tea you typically make. Some people prefer traditional ceramic teapots, while others opt for glass or stainless steel.

Teacups or mugs: Select teacups or mugs that complement your teapot and reflect your personal taste. Some people prefer delicate china cups, while others prefer sturdy mugs.

Tea infuser or strainer: If you're using loose leaf tea, you'll need a way to strain the leaves from the brewed tea. Tea infusers come in various shapes and sizes, from traditional mesh balls to novelty shapes.

Tea tray or serving platter: A tea tray or serving platter can help you carry and present your tea items elegantly. It's also handy for catching any drips or spills.

Napkins or tea towels: Keep napkins or tea towels handy for wiping up spills and keeping your tea area tidy.